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How It Works?

1. Set up your account: Either call or set-up your account online

2. Pick a delivery to your location: We understand you are busy. Most customers are not home when we pickup and deliver their clothes. It’s not a problem. Once you set up an account we will help you to choose a convenient Pickup & Delivery to your location.

3. Leave your bag out: We will supply you with a Pickup & Delivery bag, which you leave in your pickup location for our friendly delivery driver to retrieve.

4. Personal instructions: Your Pickup & Delivery bag will also come with an instruction pouch that includes a garment checklist and an area for general garment care preferences (i.e. starch, no starch, fold or hung, etc.)

5. Hassle Free Payment: We will pickup and deliver your dry cleaning to your home or office for no additional cost. We then automatically bill your dry cleaning cost to any major credit card, hassle free.

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